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Sexual Positions For a Man With a Small Penis to Gain the Deepest Penetration

Sexual Positions For a Man

Sexual Positions For a Man

By Georg Von Neumann

There are hundreds of sexual positions that couples use to add variety and different forms of stimulation during sex. Men with smaller than average-sized penises can take note of certain positions that will help you penetrate your partner to deeper levels. Most of them have to do with better positioning the entry point of her vagina to gain deeper access.

Here are a few sexual positions men (and their woman companion) can utilize for better and more penetrating sex:

1) The “Y” Position – In this example, a woman lays on her back with her legs raised (and at full extension) upright and in a “Y” position. The man then holds both of her ankles. This tilts her pelvis back and down and allows deeper vaginal penetration.

2) Chair Position – In this scenario the woman sits on the edge of a chair, bed, or couch. The man should stand or kneel so that his penis is right in line with the vagina.

3) Face Down – In this situation the woman gets a pillow (or two) and lays face down. She props the pillow(s) under her pelvic and abdominal region to raise her buttocks up. Her legs should be fully extended (stretched out) and can be either spread or close together. Experimentation will give rise to what position works best.

4) Rear Entry – With this position it is easier for a woman to tilt her pelvis in such a way to provide the deepest penetration. It also allows a man to pull her closer to him during sex for an even deeper impact. She kneels on all fours and tilts her pelvis for maximum penetration ability. He can perform this kneeling or just wrap his body around her body.

5) Woman On Top – In this position the man lays on his back and his partner mounts him from atop. Placing pillow(s) under his buttocks can help raise his pelvis to more extend his penis. The woman moves forward and backward as she moves up and down. By her distributing her weight more forward she can rub her clitoris against his pelvis for more stimulation.

6) Knees To Chest – The woman is on her back and pulls her knees up to her chest, positioning her vaginal opening so that it is more easily accessible. A small pillow under the head helps. You can vary the angle of the vagina by placing pillow(s) under the buttocks.

Experimenting with these positions and creating some of your own can help aid sexual satisfaction for both partners. It’s surprising how just a simple position change can create increased pleasure. Before I enlarged myself, the chair position was the most fantastic for me (still is). Especially if she shits on a chair that the height can be adjust for perfect alignment of the penis with the vagina.

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Georg von Neumann

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