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Male Orgasm Tips – How to Give Any Man an Explosive Orgasm Quickly

By Michelle Jacobs

Do you want to give your man one of the best orgasms that he has ever had in his entire life? Do you want to send shivers throughout his spine and give him a memorable experience? You need to learn some male orgasm tips to help you make this possible and to make your man’s toes curl.

A lot of women are afraid to take control in the bedroom and to drive a man absolutely wild. This intimidates a lot of women and they shouldn’t be. Having power and control in the bedroom is very sexy and it helps to put you at ease and to make you feel more comfortable. The more comfortable you feel, the more inclined you will be to take risks and to try things on him that you normally might not do.

Although it is relatively easy to make a man orgasm, giving him an explosive orgasm is a whole different story. This is when you need to bust out the big guns and to go all out on your man. Here are some male orgasm tips that will help you to do just that:

When your man is on the brink of having an orgasm, stop stimulating him completely. He might not like this at first, but he needs to have faith and to trust in you and your abilities. Give him a 10-15 second break for his orgasm to recede and then you can go in for the kill again. It might not take him long to build that pressure back up, but when he does, now it will feel like a double orgasm. The strength and power behind it, intensifies when you inhibit him to orgasm the first time. Now, his orgasm will be off the charts and it will leave him speechless and satisfied.

Another male orgasm tip is to use everything you possibly can on him. Never just focus on one thing on the male body. When you two are having sex, try to stimulate his testicles as well. This contributes to the power that his orgasm holds and the more stimulation you offer him, the stronger his orgasm will be. If you are giving him oral sex, use your mouth on the tip, one hand on the shaft and the other hand on the testicles. This ensures that you are doing everything in your power to give him pleasure and that is what he needs to have an explosive orgasm that will blow his mind completely.

When you have no sexual confidence in the bedroom, more than just your sex life suffers. You aren’t taking control of your femininity and the sexual power that you can possess. Find out what you can do, starting today, to completely transform the intimate relationship you have with your spouse and yourself from this helpful site.

If you want to hone in on your sexuality, then you need to learn some sex tips to drive him crazy and completely blow your man’s mind tonight.

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